Beyond Events: Creative Approaches to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Now, more than ever, it’s important to think about new ways to use peer-to-peer tools and approaches beyond traditional events.

Even though traditional run, walk, and ride events are highly effective, non-traditional peer-to-peer campaigns have a valuable role in fundraising, too. Of course, they’re incredibly useful in an unprecedented time like this when in-person events aren’t possible. They’re also often less expensive to pull off than traditional events. And, they can be a great way to supplement in-person peer-to-peer events year-round, especially in the times between events.

Here are a few examples of creative approaches to get your supporters involved beyond traditional events:

  • Livestream fundraising — Livestreaming is when someone is videoed doing something In Real Life (IRL) for audiences to watch on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. People playing video games typically drives the most traffic, but folks are also hosting talk shows, creating arts and crafts, and presenting musical performances — all IRL.

    Simply put, livestream fundraising entails tapping into the livestreaming channel to raise funds. For example, it might involve partnering with people who already have an audience to raise funds on behalf of your organization while they are livestreaming. While it doesn’t replace walks/runs and peer-to-peer campaigns, livestream fundraising can raise the same amount of funds in hours that might take weeks in more traditional peer-to-peer fundraising.
  • Alumni campaigns — If your organization is an educational institution, create online campaigns that allow your alumni to raise funds for programs at your organization that mean the most to them, such as athletics, scholarships, and research.
  • Challenges — Set up an environment in which your supporters can sign up to do X if their friends and family donate a certain amount of money.
  • Special days — Ask your constituents to “donate” their special event — for example, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and other events — to your organization by asking friends and family to donate to your organization in lieu of presents.
  • Tributes/memorials — If you have a mission tied to supporting the fallen, injured, or lost due to disease, disorder, injustice, or war, provide your constituents with online tools to raise funds in the name of someone who has touched their life.
  • Virtual drives — If your organization is a food bank or does drives (food, clothing, etc.) as part of its mission, get your supporters involved by asking them to create their own virtual drives. Provide them with online tools and suggested email content to help them use emails and social media to ask their friends and family to donate. Set up the campaign on your website so your supporters’ friends and family can place items in a virtual shopping cart that represent what you can do with the money they give with their donation amount.

There are so many ways to use the peer-to-peer fundraising model to raise funds and engage with supporters. Here are a few ways to learn more:

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