Are You Tech-Ready for End of Year Fundraising?

This article was originally posted on NonProfit PRO’s Nonprofit Tech Matters blog. As a fundraising professional, you’re probably gearing up for year-end appeals. You’re thinking about things like when you’ll get started, how many communications you’ll send and through what channels, and what will be the focus of your messages. But here’s one thing you […]

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How to Streamline Check-in and Event-Day Processes for Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events

Many of us who work and participate in the peer-to-peer fundraising world are excited to return to in-person events. The day-of excitement for a run, walk, or ride just can’t be beat. But as a nonprofit professional, you might not be so excited to return to a few things: Assembling, alphabetizing, and distributing participant check-in […]

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Uncover Trends in Your Donor Data to Improve Your Fundraising

Most nonprofits are continually thinking about new ways to improve fundraising results. But one often overlooked resource for boosting fundraising that every nonprofit has is donor data. Your donor data can tell you a lot about your donors. It can give you insights that tell you things like: Who’s giving – What are the various […]

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How to Know When it’s Time for New Software for Your Nonprofit: 3 Signs

This article was originally posted on NonProfit PRO’s blog. What do you do when you have a nagging feeling that it’s time for new software for your nonprofit, but you aren’t quite sure? Or when you suddenly realize that you’ve been using the same software for several years and start to wonder if there’s something better […]

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[GUEST POST] Hybrid Event Engagement: Crash Course for Nonprofits

Hybrid events have gained momentum among nonprofits of all sizes to bring fundraising to both live and virtual audiences. This dual approach to fundraising creates a seamless giving experience for all supporters and gives organizations flexibility in their event planning process.   To ensure a positive hybrid event experience for your entire audience, your nonprofit should […]

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6 Tips for Keeping Your Nonprofit’s Donor Data Clean and Ready to Use

This article was originally posted on NonProfit PRO’s blog. When you think about your nonprofit’s technology strategy, donor data might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But maybe it should. Consider this: Data powers your fundraising efforts, drives your donor communications, and feeds your reports. So, no matter how powerful your fundraising and […]

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