The Future of Peer-to-Peer Giving: Your Guide to Livestream Fundraising

In a recent article about nonprofit fundraising and marketing tech trends, I mentioned livestream fundraising. Here are some additional details and a few resources to help you learn more about this growing trend:

What is livestreaming?
Livestreaming is when someone is videoed doing something In Real Life (IRL) for audiences to watch on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. People playing video games typically drives the most traffic, but folks are also hosting talk shows, creating arts and crafts, and presenting musical performances — all IRL.

What is livestream fundraising?

Simply put, livestream fundraising entails tapping into the livestreaming channel to raise funds. For example, it may involve partnering with people who already have an audience to raise funds on behalf of your organization while they are livestreaming. While it doesn’t replace walks/runs and peer-to-peer campaigns, livestream fundraising can raise the same amount of funds in hours that might take weeks in more traditional peer-to-peer fundraising.

Organizations including Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are raising millions of dollars by incorporating livestreaming into their fundraising mix. And, several peer-to-peer fundraising platforms, including DonorDrive, Blackbaud’s JustGiving, and Tiltify now support livestream fundraising, making it easier to incorporate livestreaming into your fundraising programs.

How to use livestream fundraising for your nonprofit

If you’re interested in learning more about livestream fundraising and how you can start using it for your nonprofit, take a look at these two resources:

  • The Future of P2P Giving: Your Guide to Livestream Fundraising Events — I recently co-presented this webinar with COHORT3 and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. It’s a great introduction to livestream fundraising. Watch the recorded webinar
  • A Practical Guide to Livestream Fundraising by COHORT3 — This guide from our friends at COHORT3 gives you additional details about livestream fundraising. Download the guide

I hope you find these resources helpful. There are so many ways to use the peer-to-peer fundraising model to raise funds and engage with supporters. As you look to take your fundraising to the next level, contact us at Cathexis Partners. We’re ready to help.


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