Knowing When It’s Time for New Software for Your Nonprofit

It can be easy to become entrenched in the software your nonprofit uses for customer relationship and donor management. It’s not unusual for organizations to hang onto the same software for multiple years – even decades.

Sometimes, the hesitation to change technology comes from a “this is the way we’ve always done it” mentality. Sometimes it comes from a belief that moving to new software will be too hard, take too much time, or cost too much. With these ideas swirling around, it can seem easier to just stick with what you’ve got.

But if you’re using the same old software you’ve been using for years and years, it might not be the best fit for your nonprofit anymore. In fact, the time and cost of changing software can be well worth it when you consider that it can help you work more efficiently, raise more money, and do even more to support your organization’s mission.

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Knowing when it’s time to switch to a new nonprofit technology solution
I recently sat down with Beth Fisher, chief advancement officer from Mel Trotter Ministries, for a recent episode of the NonProfit VOICE podcast to talk about switching to new software. When she joined Mel Trotter Ministries, a faith-based homeless shelter, after a sales career in the corporate sector, she brought a fresh perspective to the organization.

The organization didn’t believe they had the capacity to do more when it came to fundraising. But Beth noticed that they were duplicating work and generally working inefficiently. In fact, they were six weeks behind in getting out donation receipts. She quickly saw that the organization’s donor management software, which had been in place for 17 years, wasn’t giving the development team the insights and capabilities they needed to grow.

She convinced the organization that it was time to move to a new technology system. After reviewing multiple software options on the market, the organization implemented new software in a short timeframe.

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The results were remarkable.

The organization now has greater visibility into development team activities. Insights from the new system have allowed the organization to reorganize the development team and modify processes so that they’re working more efficiently, giving the team more time for donor outreach.

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Listen to the podcast, When Is It Time to Switch to a New Nonprofit Technology Solution? to hear more about how Mel Trotter Ministries’ switch to new software helped them work more efficiently and improve donor relationships.

And if you’d like to take the next steps toward new software for your nonprofit, contact Cathexis Partners today. We’re ready to help you find and implement the right technology to move your nonprofit forward.

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