The Nonprofit’s Introductory Guide to Google Ad Grants

As a nonprofit professional, you’ve likely heard about Google Ad Grants. Google Ad Grants offers eligible nonprofits $10,000 per month of in-kind AdWords advertising to promote their mission and grow their nonprofit on Google search result pages.

While Google Ad Grants offers a tremendous opportunity for nonprofits, it requires active maintenance and optimization to maintain the rules and eligibility requirements. These regulations must be followed to maintain eligibility within the Google Ad Grants program. Violations may cause your account to be suspended.

The eligibility requirements for Google Ad Grants include:

  • Hold current, valid charity status (for example, within the U.S., you must have a current 501(c)(3) status).
  • Acknowledge and agree to Google Grant’s required certifications regarding how to receive and use donations obtained from the grant.
  • Have a website that is functioning and provides adequate detail about your nonprofit.
  • Maintain a click-through rate (CTR) of 5% for your Ad Grant campaigns. If your account average CTR drops below 5% for two consecutive months, Google can suspend your account without warning.
  • Link ads to one website domain.
  • Do not link to pages composed of links to other websites.
  • Do not include commercial advertising.

These are just a few of the eligibility requirements, and the Google Ad Grant policies may change at any time. Be sure to review the Google Ad Grants Policy Compliance Guide to ensure you know the latest details. In addition to eligibility requirements, several rules and restrictions apply.

Does all of this sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be. Cathexis Partners has created The Nonprofit’s Introductory Guide to Google Ad Grants to get you started.

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