Why it’s Important for Nonprofits to Get Past Tech Anxiety

Even when you know that it’s time to upgrade your nonprofit’s software, you might find yourself with anxious thoughts. For example:

  • Our staff is already overloaded with work; moving to new software technology would be too hard.
  • It would take too long to move to new software.
  • I’m not sure the time, effort, and cost involved in a technology move be worth it.

In our work with nonprofits, we’ve found that many organizations find technology changes intimidating. But if you’re using the same old software you’ve been using for years, it could very well benefit your organization to move to more modern solutions to help your organization grow and thrive. In short, it might be time to move past the fear and know that the results can be well worth the investment.

Having the best technology in place for your nonprofit’s needs can help you:

  • Improve the online experience for your donors, volunteers, and other constituents.
  • Increase staff productivity, cultivate greater employee satisfaction, and reduce staff turnover.
  • Work more strategically to achieve your mission.

Moving your nonprofit forward with new technology
I recently wrote an article for NonProfit PRO about the benefits of getting past tech anxiety for nonprofits. It includes a summary of an episode of NonProfit PRO’s podcast, The NonProfit Voice, in which I sat down with Glen Peck, SVP of Technology and Business Intelligence at The Lustgarten Foundation and Salvatore Salpietro (Sal), Chief Partnership Officer at Fundraise Up to talk about The Lustgarten Foundation’s experience with updating the organization’s technology.

You can read the full article on NonProfit PRO’s Nonprofit Tech Matters blog.

If you’d like to take the next steps toward selecting and implementing new software for your nonprofit, contact Cathexis Partners today. We’re ready to help you get past the anxiety and find the right technology to move your nonprofit forward.

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