Why Video Content is Vital to Your Nonprofit’s Storytelling

The popularity of video content probably hasn’t slipped by you. Most of us watch YouTube videos. And we see every day how companies are using video to market on social media.

But are you using video to help tell your nonprofit’s story? If not, maybe it’s time to start.

Here are some statistics to consider:

The list of video stats goes on. But the point is clear: Video is an important tool for reaching your audience and communicating your organization’s brand and mission. And tools on the market today make it easier and more affordable than ever to produce and share video content.

That’s why I asked a colleague, Joel Resnick from Gather Voices, to join me in a recent episode of the podcast, The Nonprofit Voice by NonProfit PRO. Gather Voices offers technology that makes it easy for nonprofits to collect and share videos, and Joel has lots of relevant experience in using video content.

Incorporating video content into your organization’s fundraising and marketing efforts offers multiple benefits, including:

  • A way to share complex stories in a much faster way than through text alone
  • An impactful and memorable communications tool
  • A means to allow your constituents to share the importance of your mission in their lives using their own words

Listen to the podcast, Why Video is Vital to Nonprofit Storytelling, and learn more about how video allows your nonprofit to not only tell, but also show what your mission is all about:

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