Salesforce Reporting for Nonprofits

If you use a Salesforce-based product, such as the Nonprofit Success Pack™ (NPSP) or Luminate CRM™, you have powerful, flexible reporting tools at your fingertips. But, you do need to know how to make the most of them.
The Cathexis team has you covered, with two on-demand webinars that will give you the background you need to set up and run Salesforce Classic reports for yourself, your team, your board members, and other stakeholders:

Salesforce Reporting 101 for Nonprofits — I teamed up with Matt Devine, senior database and CRM manager at Cathexis Partners, to present this webinar. In the webinar, we demonstrated how to:

  • Navigate the folder structure in the Salesforce report “home screen”
  • Work with report types and determine which are best for your needs
  • Use standard reports that are available right out of the box
  • Customize existing reports and save them as your own
  • Create a new report from scratch

Salesforce Reporting 201 for Nonprofits — Our first Salesforce Reporting webinar was so popular, and we had so many requests for more information, that I presented this follow-on webinar. In the webinar, I demonstrated how to:

  • Create a “Last Year But Unfortunately Not This” (LYBUNT) report to analyze donor retention
  • Use cross filters and “and/or” statements to increase the effectiveness of your reports
  • Create a dashboard with reports to give your team the data they need in easy-to-view, bite-size pieces

So, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and find out more about Salesforce reporting for nonprofits:

If you would like help with your Salesforce-based reporting, contact Cathexis Partners.

by Dan Weik, Data Consultant, Cathexis Partners

Dan is a Certified Senior Salesforce Administrator with more than 15 years of experience in nonprofit management.


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