4 Ways Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software Should Help Your Staffers Do Their Jobs

When your nonprofit is running peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, you often focus on the campaign theme, the communications, and the fundraising goals. But, do you consider how easy it is for your staff members to get their jobs done in support of your campaign?

If you don’t already have a software platform designed for peer-to-peer fundraising, or if you do but the software is difficult for your staffers to use, it might be time to look for a new one. As you evaluate new peer-to-peer software platforms, consider these four ways the software should help your staff members do their jobs:

  • Custom reports —The platform should support creating custom/adhoc reports as needed based on filter criteria defined by your administrator. At the very least, it should provide some level of pre-defined reports and/or dashboards. Go into platform reviews with a list of the reports you know you will need and be sure to have the vendors demo these reports to ensure they meet your requirements.
  • Event coordinator access — Does the software offer the ability to provide remote event coordinators, staff, or volunteers with administrative access to one or more campaigns so they can access only the information they need for their specific campaign(s) and not the rest of the organization’s constituent data?  If you offer third-party, volunteer, or remote staff-driven campaigns, then this feature will be important to your organization and the remote team.
  • Currencies supported — Make sure the software supports the currencies you intend to accept. While merchant vendors can accept credit cards based on different currencies, it is important to know what currency(s) the platform can track and report on. Be sure to verify that the platform will support your specific requirements.
  • PDF receipting — The platform should support pdf receipting for clients who request it or require it to conform with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) specific tax receipting requirements that Canadian nonprofits must adhere to. The more easily your team can respond to these types of requests, the faster they can move on to other campaign tasks.

You can learn more about essential software capabilities (as well as which software platforms offer each capability) in The Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Technology Landscape.  The Cathexis Partners team wrote this free guide to help you understand the platforms available and narrow the list so you can find the one that best supports your nonprofit.

If you need more help, check out our affordable service to help you find the right peer-to-peer fundraising tech platform for your nonprofit.

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