[GUEST POST] Optimizing Donation Pages to Drive Conversions

Optimization and gamification of peer-to-peer fundraising is common practice. Yet, many nonprofits rarely implement the same strategies for their always-on donation pages and appeals. Considering that online gifts make up a larger percentage of annual funds raised over events, many nonprofits are still working with sub-standard donation forms and leaving money on the table.

These forms are the bedrock of all digital fundraising portfolios and are likely the first impression a potential donor will experience when visiting your site. To be effective in today’s digital world, the donation form must evolve.

In this short (approximately 13 minute) video, we run through techniques to help you optimize and personalize the donor experience and instill donor confidence – resulting in a faster, more engaging experience that drives conversion:

By Mike Dennis – Co-Founder and CCO

Co Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Funraisin. 20+ years in design, user experience, animation, and motion graphics, Mike leads the Creative and Product team finessing the originality and aesthetics of all Funraisin’s digital experiences. Making sure that a designed interface is both beautiful and intuitive, ensuring that design is intertwined in business objectives: that art serves commerce.

By Marie Gamble – Sr Digital Partnership & Nth American Country Manager

Over the past 15 years working within the non-profit sector, Marie has honed her skills as a digital fundraising specialist. Having worked for some of the industries leading charities, she’s been responsible for the strategic development and execution of a number of multi-million dollar, multi-national P2P campaigns.

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