The Nonprofit Toolkit for Selecting Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software

Maybe you’re just starting out with your nonprofit’s peer-to-peer fundraising program. Or, maybe you’ve been running peer-to-peer fundraising events and campaigns for years.

No matter where you are in your peer-to-peer fundraising journey, there comes a time when you need new peer-to-peer fundraising software to support your organization’s goals, or you simply want to see what new solutions are on the market today. This is especially relevant today as you retool your peer-to-peer events for the digital world.

Finding the right peer-to-peer software platform for your organization is critically important. It’s the foundation for supporting your campaigns and events. And it can make all of the difference in your fundraising success.

But finding the right one can be tricky.

What it takes to find the right peer-to-peer fundraising software
To find the right software for your organization, you need a good process. This includes everything from creating a list of your organization’s requirements to identifying a list of possible software matches and lining up software vendor demos.

You also need a way to research software options and see how they compare, as there are dozens of platforms available, and the market is evolving rapidly. (In fact, since the Cathexis Partners team released our last version of the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Technology Landscape guide in 2018, there have been many changes in the software landscape – too many to list in this article.)

That’s why we at Cathexis Partners put together a handy (and free!) toolkit to help you find the right software for your nonprofit.

The nonprofit toolkit for selecting peer-to-peer fundraising software
The toolkit includes two resources:

  • Guide – The guide is full of tips for managing the software selection process and assessing which product is right for your organization. It will help you:
    • Know when it’s time for new software
    • Identify your nonprofit’s software requirements
    • Complete a successful software selection process
    • Get the most out of vendor software demos
  • Interactive tool – The online, interactive tool is designed to help you begin research for your next peer-to-peer fundraising platform. It includes:
    • An overview of some of the top peer-to-peer fundraising platforms available today
    • Insights into the types of tools that might be a fit for your nonprofit
    • A product comparison tool to help you understand similarities and differences among products

You can view the toolkit here.

We believe that when used together, these two resources will give you a strong start for your peer-to-peer fundraising software selection.

Get ready to find your peer-to-peer fundraising software match
Your organization’s ability to run successful peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns and events depends heavily on the software platform you use to run them. Be sure you have the best technology in place for your nonprofit’s needs so you can work efficiently and deliver the modern online experience your participants expect.

At Cathexis Partners, we help nonprofits like yours use technology to raise funds and spread the word about their missions more effectively and more efficiently. If you have questions about this toolkit or would like help selecting the right peer-to-peer fundraising software for your nonprofit, contact Cathexis Partners today.

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