How to Keep Your Peer-to-Peer Donors Engaged

At Cathexis Partners, we write and present a lot on the topic of peer-to-peer fundraising best practices and ways to improve your peer-to-peer fundraising.

Much of the focus tends to be on the peer-to-peer fundraising campaign or event itself and how to recruit and empower participants to raise money for your organization. But one area we don’t always focus on is the people who donate to your participants’ peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. How do you:

  • Get their attention?
  • Motivate them to give again?
  • Connect them to your cause?
  • Convert them to loyal supporters?

It’s actually an important aspect of peer-to-peer fundraising because when you think about it, fundraising is about more than a single transaction. It’s a journey. Successful organizations move past a focus on the single gift to cultivate donor relationships for the long term.

Your Guide to Keeping Peer-to-Peer Donors Engaged

That’s why we teamed up with our friends at OneCause to develop The Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Journey: Keeping Donors Engaged. We built the guide to help nonprofits improve donor engagement in their peer-to-peer programs.

In the guide, we offer:

  • Insights from OneCause’s Social Donor Study
  • Best practices to help organizations optimize their peer-to-peer fundraising and donor cultivation
  • Tips for getting the donor’s attention, motivating them to give, connecting them with your cause, and converting them to loyal supporters

We also recently presented a webinar on this topic with OneCause. For more tips and best practices on how to keep peer-to-peer fundraising donors engaged, watch the recorded session.

These are so many ways to cultivate donor relationships and boost your peer-to-peer fundraising results. If you need more help, check out our affordable service to help you use technology to raise more funds and spread the word about your mission.

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