Improving a Nonprofit’s Productivity with Volunteer Management Software

If your nonprofit is like many, volunteers play a hugely important role in your organization. They can help you to:

  • Get more (possibly MUCH more) done than your staff could do alone
  • Save money by completing tasks that otherwise might require you to hire someone to accomplish
  • Spread the word about your organization’s mission

As valuable as volunteers can be, some nonprofits still track and manage volunteer involvement manually. But that’s no longer necessary. There are software solutions that can help you streamline volunteer management, giving your staff and your volunteers a smoother experience and helping your organization improve productivity.

These volunteer management solutions come in different forms. You can find some of them as capabilities within nonprofit software solutions or platforms from vendors including Blackbaud, Bloomerang, Charityproud, EveryAction, Neon One, and Salesforce. You can also find stand-alone volunteer management software, such as Civic Champs, Golden, Volgistics, or VolunteerHub.

A real-world example of improving productivity with volunteer management software

Here’s a real-world example of how moving to volunteer management software helped a nonprofit improve productivity: In the summer of 2020, Habitat for Humanity in Bowling Green/Warren County decided they needed to move from tracking volunteers with pen and paper to volunteer management software. After a smooth transition to Civic Champs, the nonprofit found that it was much easier to communicate with and provide a more positive experience for volunteers.

The organization saw the extent of what the software could help them accomplish when, in 2022, they hosted a Blitz Build, in which they constructed 10 of the 30 homes they committed to build as part of a three-year initiative. The organization had 700 volunteers working with them in a five-day period.

According to Macie Wheeler, mission engagement director for the nonprofit, volunteers were able to register online and complete paperwork before showing up for the volunteer event. The organization’s staff was able to check in and check out the hundreds of volunteers seamlessly using an iPad.

She adds that the organization’s volunteer program continues to grow, and that’s a direct effect of providing a good volunteer experience and having a solution that works seamlessly with the organization’s programs.  

Learn more about the benefits of volunteer management software

Hear more about how Habitat for Humanity in Bowling Green/Warren County benefited by switching from paper-based processes to volunteer management software. Listen to The NonProfit Voice podcast: Boost Mission Productivity with Volunteer Management Software.

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