How to Build a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Dream Team

This article was originally posted on NonProfit PRO’s blog.

You’re starting a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. And, while you might be leading the campaign or event, the truth is that you can’t do it alone.

You need the right people in place to ensure your campaign is a success. The campaign will involve fundraisers, donations, a website, promotions, and general campaign/event management, so you’ll need people from across your nonprofit to support various aspects of the campaign.

Of course, you might not have the luxury of covering every role on your list. And, due to resource constraints and individuals’ expertise, you might need some people (including you!) to serve in more than one role.

But no matter how you approach it, here are key roles to consider for your peer-to-peer fundraising dream team:

  • Campaign leader — This person will oversee the entire campaign and pull together the right resources to ensure the campaign stays on track. This person should also review campaign results and find ways to improve the next campaign. This is typically a fundraising or event manager or director (maybe it’s you?).
  • Executive leader — This person will “sponsor” the campaign throughout the organization, helping the entire organization understand the campaign’s importance.
  • Marketing manager — This person will provide writing, graphic design, promotional help, and PR assistance to support the campaign. This may be the event manager or director, a communications team member, or an agency. No matter who serves in this role, it’s critical to your campaign’s success.
  • IT representative — You’ll likely need this person to step in at the beginning of your campaign to ensure any peer-to-peer fundraising software platform implementations and integrations with other systems are completed correctly. This might be an internal staffer or a third-party agency who supports your fundraising technology needs.
  • Finance manager — This person will ensure that appropriate donation processes are in place so your campaign donations are accounted for correctly.
  • Fundraising manager — This person will work with peer-to-peer participants to help them fundraise and also help troubleshoot any website issues or general questions they might have. The person who fills this role could also be the campaign leader, just make sure someone has been designated the responsibility of overseeing fundraising.
  • Database manager — This role could fall to someone who already manages your existing database or you might need to train someone else on how to manage the aspects of your database that this new campaign will use.
  • Community cheerleader — While it’s possible to run a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign without one, having a “cheerleader” in the community — someone to evangelize your campaign and your nonprofit’s mission — is a big help.
  • Other roles to consider — These may include a logistics manager, volunteer and community engagement coordinator, recruitment manager, and sponsorship and corporate relationship manager.

Keep this article in hand as you build your next peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Making sure you have the right roles covered will help ensure your campaign is a hit — from start to finish.

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