Find the right software to meet your nonprofit’s goals

The software choices you make can have a big impact on your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. Our software selection services are designed to help you select the right software match for your organization.

Here’s a summary of our approach:


  • Identify stakeholders and team members
  • Determine project scope
  • Define requirements
  • Research possible solutions


  • Document requirements
  • Create RFP, RFI, or project summary document
  • Share document with identified software vendors and collect responses


  • Review vendor responses and narrow list of candidates
  • Coordinate and facilitate demos, including the creation of scorecards and scenarios
  • Review scorecards; coordinate follow-up demos and discussions
  • Make final recommendation

Contract negotiations

  • Help with contract negotiations and execution

Learn more about how to select the right software for your nonprofit.
We offer the following guides to help you find your nonprofit’s software match. If you would like assistance with software selection, we’re here to help at one affordable hourly rate.