Your Luminate® Online system helps you acquire more supporters, build campaigns for online fundraisers, and nurture sustaining donors. Now you can take your online fundraising even further with these powerful yet cost-effective enhancements from Cathexis Partners:

Option for donors to cover transaction fees

Provide an option for donors to cover the cost of transaction fees on Luminate Online or TeamRaiser™ donations or registrations. Adding this simple option can give a significant boost to your overall funds raised!

Currency converter for online transactions

Display giving level options in a non-U.S. currency, while showing the conversion in U.S. dollars that will be charged. This solution is ideal for international organizations targeting donors in countries outside of the U.S.

Monthly giving pop-up

When donors make an online donation, present them with the option to make it a recurring gift with the convenience of automated monthly payments. This approach encourages donors to give more over time.

DON’T SEE WHAT YOU NEED? We can provide a Luminate Online customization to meet your specific needs — at an affordable price!

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