Your Luminate® Online system helps you acquire more supporters, build campaigns for online fundraisers, and nurture sustaining donors. Now you can take your online fundraising even further with these powerful yet cost-effective enhancements from Cathexis Partners:

Admin Enhancements

Improved Admin Dashboard experience

Upgrade your administrator experience to your specifications – putting the most important information at your staff’s fingertips.

Enhanced email unsubscribe flow

Edit the content for your unsubscribe link and page, and direct people who unsubscribe to a survey so that you can get more information about why they unsubscribed.

Efficiencies through Autoresponder Center
Use Autoresponder Center for a more convenient way to set up, manage, and update autoresponder emails for surveys and donation forms.

Optimized site configurations
Make sure your site data parameters (SDPs) in Luminate Online are configured to be mobile-responsive and use the latest enhancements, including CAPTCHA, responsive UserLogin, unsubscribe, and email preferences pages.

Optimized Group Conditionals and S-Tags
Use Group Conditionals and S-Tags to tailor content for your email communications, Admin Dashboard, and more.

Fundraising Enhancements

Option for donors to cover transaction fees
Provide an option for donors to cover the cost of transaction fees on Luminate Online or TeamRaiser™ donations or registrations. Adding this simple option can give a significant boost to your overall funds raised!

Currency converter for online transactions
Display giving level options in a non-U.S. currency, while showing the conversion in U.S. dollars that will be charged. This solution is ideal for international organizations targeting donors in countries outside of the U.S.

Monthly giving pop-up
When donors make an online donation, present them with the option to make it a recurring gift with the convenience of automated monthly payments. This approach encourages donors to give more over time.

DON’T SEE WHAT YOU NEED? We can provide a Luminate Online customization to meet your specific needs — at an affordable price!

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