[GUEST POST] 3 Ways Nonprofit Web Design Can Drive Donor Engagement

We know just how important your website is for driving online donations. However, online fundraising is only one objective of a great nonprofit site. When you make thoughtful web design choices, you can inspire your supporters (and potential supporters) to stay on your site longer and ultimately engage with your nonprofit both online and offline […]

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[GUEST POST] For the Best P2P Results, Take Some Fundraising Offline

When I was a kid, peer-to-peer fundraising looked a little different than it does now. I remember my third-grade self collecting pledges for my school’s walk-a-thon, carefully noting my donors’ contributions on my pledge sheet and collecting them after the event. Our progress was tracked on a giant poster-board thermometer. My supporters paid in cash […]

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Don’t Miss a Donation!: Proactively Review Sustaining Gift Credit Card Expirations

Sustaining gift donors are some of your most engaged constituents. But, just like most people, they don’t always remember when their credit cards are expiring, or they don’t remember which cards they are using for which ongoing payments. This inevitably leads to declined transactions, and then you’re left to follow up with your sustaining donors […]

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Tips for Writing Effective Email Communications for Your Nonprofit

  Not every nonprofit organization is lucky enough to have dedicated writers to create and edit email communications. If your organization is like many, you’re on your own when it comes to writing, and you may find yourself struggling to create emails that engage constituents and move them to donate or take some other action. […]

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Why Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is on My Mind

I’m often thinking about peer-to-peer fundraising. That’s not too surprising, given my role leading a team that helps nonprofits use technology to raise funds and engage with constituents. But, it’s been on my mind even more than usual lately. I recently did a podcast on peer-to-peer fundraising with Successful Nonprofits.  In the podcast, I had […]

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Creative Approaches to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about creative approaches to peer-to-peer fundraising (and likely not the last). I typically try not to repeat subjects often, but I was recently asked by the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (aka DMAW) to present the webinar Beyond the Event: Creative Approaches to Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, and we continue […]

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