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Other: WordPress, Google Grants, and More

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This monthly podcast series on nonprofit strategies and technology features Cathexis Partners’ own Mark Becker and prominent nonprofit industry leaders.

Episode 74: How to Use Influencers to Gain Awareness on Social Media:
Mark is joined by Laura and Tiffany Rivers, senior social media director at Media Cause, to share insight into its new campaign that funds school-based projects.
 Listen now | 17:45 

Episode 72: Discover Ways to Become a More Efficient Fundraiser:
Mark is joined by Crystal Schanette and Kimberly O’Donnell at Bonterra to discuss tools that can make your team fundraise more efficiently.
 Listen now | 30:17 

Episode 69: Why It’s Essential to Become a Digital-First Nonprofit:
Mark is joined by Geoff DeLizzio, chief development officer at the Epilepsy Foundation, and Maria Clark, executive vice president of partnerships at GoodUnited, to discuss a digital-first fundraising strategy. DeLizzio, who still uses a typewriter to send out thank-you notes to donors, cautions this strategy doesn’t mean “digital only.” Listen to how the Epilepsy Foundation has embraced its new strategy that has helped to develop a deeper engagement with current and new donors.
 Listen now | 30:37 

Episode 66: The Evolution of Event Management:
Mark is joined by Karen Cincotti, assistant director of web and operations for the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, and Russ Oster, co-founder and CEO of Grassroots Unwired, to discuss event management technology. They explore how event management technology can now seamlessly register and check in participants, as well as accept donations on event day, and then provide that data in real time to create a better event-day experience for everyone — including the staff.
 Listen now | 25:11 

Episode 65: Discover Giving Trends by Analyzing Your Donor Data:
Mark is joined by Maria Shanley, director of marketing and data management at Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, and Abby Jarvis, senior content marketing manager at Neon One, to talk about data. They explore how nonprofits should analyze data and trends in giving, as well as exploring a nonprofit’s donor segments and demographics.
 Listen now | 21:31 

Episode 64: How to Easily Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations at Your Nonprofit:
Mark is joined by Heather Bennett, vice president of partnerships and philanthropy at Direct Relief, and Pat Duffy, co-founder of The Giving Block, to learn how easy it is to start accepting cryptocurrency donations, how starting small is best, and the difference between accepting and investing in cryptocurrency as a nonprofit.
 Listen now | 22:04 

Episode 62: The Impact of Wealth Screening as a Prospecting Tool:
Mark is joined by Shana Bradley, coordinator of prospect development at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and Ryan Woroniecki, an adviser at DonorSearch, to discover how to approach wealth screenings, as well as the impact they can have on a nonprofit organization.
 Listen now | 27:02 

Episode 60: How Smart Tech Can Relieve Nonprofit Employee Burnout:
Mark is joined by Beth Kanter and Allison Fine, nonprofit thought leaders and co-authors of, The Smart Nonprofit. They talk about how the Rainforest Action Network increased donor retention rates and how the Trevor Project improved services by working smarter with technology while remaining human centered.
 Listen now | 23:09 

Episode 59: A Look at the Nonprofit Technology Landscape’s Consolidation:
Mark is joined by Watt Hamlett, nonprofit technology expert and founder of Watt Hamlett Consulting, to examine the consolidation happening in the space. They’ll discuss the growth of larger companies; how smaller companies are innovating; what the mergers and acquisitions mean for nonprofits; and more.
 Listen now | 32:20 

Episode 58: Why Video Is Vital to Nonprofit Storytelling:
Mark is joined by Joel Resnik, chief revenue officer at Gather Voices, where they examine the power of video to tell your nonprofit’s story, and even how beneficiaries and supporters can assist these efforts through user-generated content.
 Listen now | 32:05 

Episode 55: How To Increase Revenue With Corporate Matching Gifts:
Mark is joined by Julia Beltran, partnership success specialist at Double the Donation, to discuss not only how to ask for matching gifts, but also the obstacles nonprofits encounter — that often tend to discourage nonprofits from asking — and how to overcome them.
 Listen now | 19:42 

Episode 54: Demystifying Nonprofit Tech — It’s Everyone’s Responsibility:
This episode features Mitch Stein, co-founder, CEO and chief impact officer at Pond, and Kristin Giant, co-founder and chief growth officer of Pond. Listen to learn how they dispel common nonprofit tech myths and encourage nonprofits to shop for technology tools.
 Listen now | 51:17 

Episode 53: A Sneak Peek at Peer-to-Peer World’s Five Days of Fundraiser Education:
In this episode Mark is joined by 10 guests! All of them are involved in his upcoming Peer-to-Peer World five-day virtual event happening Fridays Sept. 10 through Oct. 8.
 Listen now | 35:19 

Episode 52: How To Maximize Golf Fundraiser Outcomes:
This episode features Logan Foote, education and development manager at GolfStatus.org, to learn more about how nonprofits of all sizes can improve their next golf event fundraiser whether its in-person, virtual or hybrid.
 Listen now | 22:39 

Episode 50: How Data Enrichment Can Cultivate Lifetime Donors:
This episode features Shawn Olds, CEO of boodleAI, and France Hoang, co-founder and chief strategy officer at boodleAI, to discuss more about how data enrichment can improve fundraising.
 Listen now | 25:27 

Episode 49: Finding and Maximizing a Website Platform:
This episode features Maureen Wallbeoff, a nonprofit digital strategist and technology coach, who shares her insight on how to find and maximize a content management system for a nonprofit website.
 Listen now | 49:51 

Episode 44: Selecting and Migrating New Technology:
This episode features Andrew Kayton, director of donations at Fisher House Foundation, and Madison “Maddy” Bump, Salesforce administrator at Fisher House Foundation.
 Listen now | 23:02 

Episode 40: Experiential Events in 2021:
This Episode features Jillian Schranz, director of business development at Event 360, Susan Hurley, strategic partnerships at Charge Running and owner and president of CharityTeams, and Julie Wallock, cofounder of Charge Running.
 Listen now | 45:17 

Episode 36: Integrated Marketing:
This episode features Michael Hoffman, co-founder and CEO of Gather Voices, who talks with Mark about integrated marketing, video strategy, and more.
 Listen now | 35:18 

Episode 34: 2021 Vision:
This episode features Kari Bodell, VP of development program strategy at Susan G. Komen, who reflects with Mark on the year that was 2020 and dives into 2021 strategy.
 Listen now | 29:23