Cathexis Partners helps organization set up software and improve peer-to-peer processes to reach fundraising goals

Case Study

Roswell Park Alliance Foundation raises funds for Roswell Park Cancer Institute, the first cancer center in the U.S. In 2015, the foundation turned to Cathexis Partners to move their largest fundraising event, The Ride For Roswell, from the system they had in place into the more robust and flexible TeamRaiser™ p2p fundraising system, part of the Blackbaud Luminate Online™ product. In addition to completing a smooth migration of the complex signature event to the new system, the Cathexis team helped the organization set up automated processes and emails with content targeted to specific participant groups, minimizing the need for Roswell Park’s staffers to manually customize content for various types of participants.

Since the initial migration of The Ride For Roswell to TeamRaiser, Cathexis Partners has helped the foundation to set up and customize additional events on TeamRaiser. This has included:

  • Using best practices to set up TeamRaiser event site wrappers
  • Automatically presenting a youth or adult waiver based on the answer to a custom “date of birth” question during the online event registration process
  • Customizing participant pages to display participation type, level of fundraising, and milestones related to the participant’s fundraising goal
  • Modifying fundraising progress meters to present custom results
  • Optimizing the TeamRaiser Participant Center for viewing on a wide range of browsers and mobile devices

Along the way, the Cathexis Partners team has trained foundation staffers on how to use, re-use, set up, and update events with custom code in their TeamRaiser events so they can track event data effectively and make changes easily and efficiently today and for years to come.

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Cathexis Partners has helped the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation to:

  • Set up events in the TeamRaiser peer-to-peer fundraising system
  • Optimize Luminate Online web pages for a wide range of browsers and mobile devices
  • Reduce manual work by automating
    emails aimed at participants
  • Customize forms, pages, progress meters and other online items
  • Learn how to use, re-use, and
    update events and custom code in their TeamRaiser system

“Cathexis Partners helps us set up and use our peer-to-peer fundraising software to reach our goals. They listen to our needs, work with us efficiently and effectively, and train us along the way.”
Karen Cincotti
Assistant Director, Web IT & Operations
Roswell Park Alliance Foundation