Cathexis Partners helps GPB put personalized emails to work

The Challenge

Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) offers GPB Passport, a powerful donor benefit that provides extended access to thousands of hours of PBS and GPB programs streaming on demand. The organization wanted to encourage donors to take advantage of this benefit, improve their experience, and increase donor retention.

The Solution

Cathexis Partners helped GPB develop a strategy that uses the organization’s data and systems to send qualifying donors a regular, personalized email. The email recommends two new GPB Passport programs each month based on each donor’s watch history, as well as popular and new programs added to Passport.

Another email goes out each month to donors who qualify for GPB Passport programming but have not yet accessed it. The email highlights popular Passport programs and encourages them to activate their accounts.

Also, each month, GPB sends an email to new subscribers that signed up for Passport through Amazon Fire TV to welcome them to GPB Passport.

The Cathexis team set up email templates to make creating the emails as efficient as possible. The team also gives GPB an extra set of hands — helping them to quickly build and send the emails each month.

The Results

The donor engagement emails have driven remarkable response. Emails have seen up to 51% open rates and 6% click-through rates.

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Cathexis Partners has helped GPB:

  • Create a plan for keeping donors engaged by encouraging them to access exclusive programming
  • Use the organization’s data and
    systems to deliver personalized content to donors
  • See remarkable engagement, including up to 51% open rates and 6% click through rates on emails

“Cathexis Partners helped us build a simple, yet effective, ongoing strategy for keeping our donors engaged by encouraging them to access GPB Passport and stream our programs. The Cathexis team also helps us use our data and systems efficiently to execute the plan.”
Pat Marcus
Director of Fundraising Strategies
Georgia PBS