How Technology Misuse and Abuse Can Harm Your Nonprofit

Technology can be a tremendous asset for nonprofits. It powers modern communications, fundraising, and marketing, and generally can help a nonprofit team operate more efficiently and effectively. But there can be a darker side to technology. While we may not like to think about it, the potential exists for people (inside or outside the nonprofit) […]

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Insights for Nonprofits: July 2019

In our latest newsletter, we cover topics including: • keeping your peer-to-peer fundraising donors engaged • how to keep donor data in good shape • upcoming industry events • highlighting some of our new service package offerings Take a look at the July 2019 issue Want to start receiving our quarterly newsletter and monthly blog […]

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[GUEST POST] Understanding Fundraising Analytics: A Descriptive Guide

Nonprofit staffs work hard to conduct the best possible fundraisers. But many organizations get stuck in a rut and their campaigns stagnate. They don’t effectively analyze available data to boost their current and future campaigns.  By understanding and using fundraising analytics, your organization can better appeal to your donors and create more effective campaigns.  When […]

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