Salesforce Reporting 101 for Nonprofits

If you use a Salesforce-based product, such as the Nonprofit Success Pack™ (NPSP) or Luminate CRM™, you have some of the most powerful, flexible reporting tools available for nonprofits. But do you know what reporting capabilities Salesforce has to offer? I recently teamed up with my colleague, Dan Weik, data consultant at Cathexis Partners, to […]

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A Few Good Reasons to Consider the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack for Your Donor Management Needs

It’s exciting when there’s something new to talk about in the world of donor management for nonprofits. After all, managing and reporting on constituent and donor interactions is critical to raising the funds that support a nonprofit’s mission. The latest release of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack offers a range of new features for nonprofits […]

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